About Us

For 13 years, Carlson Morgan LLC has been producing high-quality, limited ingredient dog treats. Having spent most of his life in the meat processing industry, founder, Phil watched as rotten and spoiled raw materials, that are rejected for human consumption, were put into most dog treats. Eager to feed his friend’s & family’s pets with raw materials fit for human consumption, he began a simple, natural, and healthy alternative processing plant. Carlson Morgan has 30,000sq thriving Manufacturing Plant in Modesto, CA. In 2017, "TrueK9," the brand of premium pet treats, trade marked with a new cleaner look, but same great products.


While using the best ingredients available, Carlson Morgan Products started with one simple philosophy, to continue to develop treats that have true ingredients, natural style, and are simply made. Since the creation of "Beef Treat," there has been an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our customers. We are working hard to make our products available nationwide. We have also added several flavor-coated items to our product line. Check out our Products.